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Learn how to Hand Dye Wool Yarn at home.  Yes!  You can chose any of the following, and your dye colors, then join us to learn how to do it on ZOOM. 


-Regular size (100gm) skeins of natural Merino/Nylon Blend Sock (fingering weight) yarn

-Mini Skeins of natural Merino/Nylon Blend Sock (fingering weight) yarn

-Sock Blanks, which are are a machine-knitted up 100gm (400 yds) quantity of Merino/Nylon blend fingering weight sock yarn  (you basically paint these with the dye)

-Double Sock blanks, still 400 yds as above, but two 200-yd lengths are knitted at once, so you get a MATCHING PAIR of socks when you knit them up.
You will also need: a few colors of Powdered Jacquard Dyes.  A small amount of White Vinegar.  Glass measuring cups, measuring spoons, household gloves, a steamer basket or steamer. Microwave oven for heating water.  Tarps, towels, old clothes to wear.  Plastic wrap, eye drops, plastic spoons, old paint brushes and cups.  All of these items are helpful, but you don't need alot, nor do you need every single thing, these are just suggestions.  The gloves, a tarp or old towels, old clothes and old paint brushes & plastic cups would be a minimum.

NOTE: We have more than one camera so that you can see our hands in class. This is NOT a video class, you can ask questions and repeat sections LIVE.  Please be on time for class. Class size is limited. If there are no signups 24 hours prior to class, the class is cancelled without notice. If nobody shows up for class within the first 10 minutes, the class is cancelled with no refund. There is no video recording. If you miss your class, we allow a 1-time makeup lesson per person, otherwise, no refund. In a group class, your audio will be muted in case of loud distractions, such as other people talking or a suddenly noisy pet. This is for the comfort of the other students.

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