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ZOOM Mara Lace Sweater Knitting Workshop

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Learn to knit the Mara Lace Sweater.  It is a very fun and educational project, and you will learn a great deal.  We will also use Knit Companion to keep track on the project if you like.

It takes approx 4 one-hour sessions to make this project but we have 7 dates planned.  It all depends on how much you finish between classes.

The class is LIVE on ZOOM for plenty of personal attention, including a 2nd camera facing my hands, so you can see how to do things!  For the $50 workshop fee, you can come to any or all of the scheduled sessions.

PREREQUISITE FOR THIS CLASS: Must be very comfortable casting on and working Knits and Purls.

SUPPLIES LIST:  You will need to purchase the Mara Lace Sweater pattern (we can add it to your order), plus your yarn and needles.

Try your local shop for supplies first, and if you still need supplies, check my webstore here or call the shop for guidance 251-308-2257.