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ZOOM LIVE! Private Class Time

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This is YOUR class, bring your knitting, crochet, tatting or weaving project to class.  What is the problem?  Are you just a beginner?  I can help you no matter what.  It's a private class, just for you (but you can also invite 1 friend or relative to join us).

Your $30 one hour class fee will get you plenty of help and even some followup by text/email or facetime if you need it.  After you  purchase your class, you and I will communicate by phone/text/email to set up a time that works for us.  We will discuss the topic and what you want to learn in our hour together.  You can call my shop ahead of time to check and see if I will be able to help you.

Our classes will be on Zoom, or possibly by Facetime or Skype if you prefer.  For Zoom, I have a 2nd camera set up, so that I can demonstrate various techniques for you during our class.  Many people learn on Youtube, but with a Youtube video, the teacher cannot actually "see" you and respond to your needs, tailoring the lesson to what is going on at your house.

If you purchase the 3-class pack, you actually get 4 hours classtime.  Not only is it better for you to learn MORE, it is my way of thanking you for your trust in my distance learning system.  I have been a needleartist/designer for over 50 years and have been teaching knitting/crochet/tatting for 20 years now.  Before that I was an IT tech.  Hmmmm.  Now you know.

Before class, complete these steps:

1) Purchase a class or have a set of 4 classes using this link, or by phone from me at the shop.  If you already have a class pass on file at the shop, please get in touch and we will use that; do not purchase more classes if you have already bought them in advance.

2) You will receive an email or phone call from me to discuss what our class is all about and agree on a time to meet.

3) Load the ZOOM app (icloud meetings version) on your tablet, phone or ipad.  Make sure you have a login id.  The cost for you is zero.  The shop pays for our ZOOM time.

4) Have a project in mind, and your supplies ready.  If you don't know what to make, call the shop and we can give you some ideas for your experience level, aspirations and budget over the phone.  We can do all this before class.

5) Because our shop operates based on selling supplies, it is NOT a great idea to buy supplies elsewhere.  If you have old yarn, we understand you don't want it to go to waste, so it is ok, but please be considerate of our feelings on this matter.  We always have plenty of excellent yarns in our clearance section for almost any project you might want to make, and even practice yarn for various skills or techniques you might want to learn.

6) Get the meeting id & password from me for our class, then set your calendar or clock for the class date & time, a few minutes early is good.  Get yourself all comfy with your project and your phone or computer/tablet. 

7) Log into ZOOM, and tap "Join A Meeting".  Enter the meeting id and password.  After that it is all easy and fun!  You will see me on-screen in two windows: one is my face and the other is from a camera aimed at my hands, so you can see what I am doing, and that should help you with your project.